Al Quds and An-Najah Universities have conducted jointly a two day planning workshop in Amman from the 21st until 23rd of March 2014, within the project of “Criminal Law Master Program”. The workshop was attended by the following staff of Al-Quds University: the Dean of the Faculty of Law as the chief supervisor of the program; Dr. Rafiq Abu Ayyash, the project coordinator Ms. Najwa Harhash Makiya, Dr. Mohammed Shalaldeh. Dr. Nabih Saleh. Dr. Jihad Kiswani. Ali Abu Kaff.

The workshop aimed to achieve the following objectives:


  • To share the priorities for the program with all faculty members of the two universities.
  • To review the last 8 months, and understand the challenges we need to address.
  • Engage faculty members and project staff in a dialogue to explore and develop our understanding of the project implementation strategies.
  • Identify new ways of working together to support the implementation of the strategy
  • Further develop the curriculum of the Criminal Law Master, and come up with one curriculum for the two universities.
  • Identify research areas for the Criminal Law Master and agree on priorities.
  • Collectively, identify development and training opportunities.

During the workshop, the two universities have worked together on revising the Criminal Law syllabuses and curriculum, developed the terms of reference for the full time researchers and junior researchers, identified the research topics to be undertaken during the first year of implementation and discussed in a participatory approach the capacity development needs of faculty members and project staff.

On the other hand the Criminal Law Master program has succeeded in contacting the former Minister of Justice in Jordan Dr Kamel Said. Dr Said has invited all Faculty members of the two universities (An Najah and Al Quds) to a networking dinner on March 23rd. Dr Said has committed himself to be a visiting professor in Criminal Law to the two universities in a summer course of 2014.