Launching Conference of the
 “Developing two Master Degree programs: the Criminal Law Master (An-Najah National University and Al-Quds University) and the Economic and Financial Law Master (Birzeit University)”

The Palestinian Minister of Justice Ali Muhanna and the EU Deputy Representative David Geer launched on the 26th of February 2014 a three-year project to support legal education in three Palestinian universities.

Representatives of Palestinian judicial institutions and heads of Al Najah, Birzeit, and Al Quds universities attended a ceremony organised at Al Najah University to mark the launch of this EU funded project that will support the development of postgraduate programmes in Criminal Law

at Al Najah and Al Quds Universities and in Economic & Financial Law at Birzeit University. 

 This EU funded project will contribute to the development and strengthening of the Palestinian legal and judicial system through supporting the Palestinian legal education in the three universities. Around 30 highly qualified law undergraduates will be targeted, including those working in private and public sector, judges, prosecutors, and lawyers with priority given to qualified female and disabled applicants. The graduates of the three Master's programmes will play key role in improving the legal framework of the Palestinian criminal, financial, and economic laws.   

The Palestinian Minister of Justice Ali Muhanna called for enhancing partnerships among the different players within the rule of law sector and with the Palestinian educational institutes. Mr Mhanna highlighted the strategic importance of the EU Palestinian partnership adding that "the Palestinian Authority represented by President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian government is working to improve further the relations with the EU  that has proved to be the most reliable partner and true friend of the Palestinian people. ''

“Palestinian Minister of Justice Ali Muhanna”

David Geer, the Deputy EU Representative, said "for many years the EU has supported the rule of law sector in Palestine as part of its overall effort to strengthen the institutions of a future Palestinian state together with the Palestinian Authority.  Education is critical in promoting a culture of respect for the rule of law". He added, "I am therefore delighted to be at the launch of a new EU project designed to support the creation of a cadre of qualified legal professionals in the areas of criminal, economic and financial law. I trust that as the different participants in the programme - lawyers, judges and prosecutors – bring their skills to bear in the court room and in practical legal cases, public confidence in the rule of law and in the Palestinian legal profession will continue to grow".  

  David Geer, the Deputy EU Representative

The representatives of the participating universities expressed their gratitude for the EU support and reiterated their commitment to work together in order reach out to international and regional universities and academic institutions.
“Dr. Rafiq Abu Ayyash/ Dean of Faculty of Law and Supervisor of the Program during his speech”

“Attendees of the Conference”

  “From right to left: PCU Director Faten Akkawi and An-Najah Project Coordinator Ms. Haneen Suleiman”

    “Attendees of the Conference”

  ”During the Palestinian National Anthem”

 ”Academic Professors from Al-Quds University from right to left: Dr. Mohammed Shalaldeh, Dr. Mohammed Khalaf and Dr. Abdullah Najajreh”

“Singing performance at the end of the conference”

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